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Ciel, Ancestor of the Priestess/Phantom Wing Fiethsing (R) - English (Special Foil)

Ciel, Ancestor of the Priestess/Phantom Wing Fiethsing (R) - English (Special Foil)

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Ciel, Ancestor of the Priestess

[Judgment] 1xWind

[Energize] 1xWind

At the end of your turn ? Attach target Aura in your graveyard to this card.

Phantom Wing Fiethsing

When this card enters the field ? Choose up to one for each Aura attached to this card - Put four [+100/+100] counters on target resonator you control; or put two [400/400] wind Spirit resonator tokens with Flying into the field; or recover up to three target magic stones; or you gain 1000 life; or draw two cards; or this card deals 800 damage to target J/resonator.

This card gains [Imperishable] as long as there are three of more Auras attached to it.

When this card is destroyed ? Remove all Auras attached to it from the game.

Please note that you are buying English version card


Additional Information

Rarity R
Foil Type Special Foil
Colour Wind

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